Intelectual property

IP Rights in China is Shineza IP first expertise. We understand the unique challenges that SME's face in protecting their valuable intellectual property assets when conducting business in China.Whether it is the first time you want to obtain some level of protection with a basic agreement, or looking to secure patents, trademarks, or copyrights, SHINEZA can help with tailored and affordable solutions:

1. Patent registration and protection: We can assist you in navigating the Chinese patent application process and help you secure your patent rights in China. Our team of experts can also provide support in drafting and negotiating licensing agreements, as well as handling disputes that may arise.

2. Trademark registration and protection: We can help you protect your brand identity and prevent others from using your trademarks in China. Our services include conducting trademark searches, filing applications, monitoring infringement, and enforcing your rights through legal action when necessary.

3. Copyright registration and protection: We can assist you in registering your copyright works in China, including software, literary works, and artistic creations. Our team can also provide guidance on licensing, royalties, and enforcement of your copyright rights.

Intellectual property is critical to the success of your business, especially when engaging in international trade.

International Trade

Relations with Manufacturers, Logistics companies, Customs and other local authorities such as Free Trade Zone & Industrial Parks/Zones, are becoming as crucial as they have significant impacts on your business entry in China. The country is not only vast, industrialy complex, but there is also a very specific legal and regulatory system that requires much attention.Our range of legal services is especialy designed by import-export experts of the sector, for SME's companies willing to step in this ocean of trade opportunities China host. We have accumulated numerous competences to meet the needs of businesses engaged in international trade, including:

1. Contract drafting and negotiation: Our team of legal experts can help you draft and negotiate contracts that are tailored to your specific needs and compliant with Chinese laws and regulations. We can also advise you on issues such as contract enforcement and dispute resolution.

2. Regulatory compliance: We can assist you in ensuring that your business operations in China comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those related to customs, import and export, and foreign investment.

3. Dispute resolution: If a dispute arises, we can represent you in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation to achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

With our help, you can navigate the complex legal landscape in China and succeed in your international trade endeavors.